Wednesday, April 01, 2020
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You are a JavaScript or a Python developer and you don't know Informix?



Are you a JavaScript / Node JS developer or a Python developer? In that case you are probably doing like so many colleagues, that is using the so famous DBMS's I won't even pronounce the names here. So sad you are thousands and more developers competing with the same stack, just because the others feel forced to do that way.

Competing with the crowd is tough, exhausting, costly and, unless you are among the very best worldwide, (which I wish for you), you'll have to deploy a lot of efforts, often with zero fun or close to that, for what result at the end?

When you build an application on top of Informix, you don't code on whatever DBMS, you are coding on the most versatile and advanced DBMS in the market place today!

Informix is HYBRID: Informix understands SQL and NoSQL (99+% compatible with MongoDB): it even allows you to run queries SQL style against NoSql collections and/or query SQL data in mongodb style. It even allows you to run joins between NoSql and SQL data in the same query!

Informix has been tailored for IoT for almost 20 years: no kidding, Informix has been totally visionnaire when in 1998, the company released the TimeSeries datablade for Informix. TimeSeries(c) is just the best ever implementation of time stamp based data management and storage. The world is just discovering it now and major industry leaders now don't want anything else. Discover it and you will see how easy it is to handle time stamp based data in the most efficient way.

The same Informix that runs on big systems serving many thousands of OLTP users runs the same way on so-called "gateway devices", built on top of ARM processors such as Raspberry PI (tm), or Intel Quark (tm) based devices. Same functionality, same reliability.

Informix is robust: run the most demanding NoSQL applications within a bullet-proof Informix infrastructure, along with OLTP applications on the same server (or in an elaborate replication ) which in addition will perform way better than open-source DBMS, providing drasting cuts in hardware requirements!

Informix has the most versatile data replication built-in system: this means you can implement very easily the most demanding and complex data replication schemas you could imagine, in a very consistant, easy to maintain and reliable way. No need to write brain-killer and probably fragile replication applications, just set them up and live happy!

Informix, using the REST protocol, can communicate directly with Browser applications or any device using REST.

Informix also has a MQTT listener, which is a great asset for IOT applications: Informix can collect and send data directly from/to devices using MQTT. Just set up the listener and that's it!

And finally, you can use the native Python and JS drivers to build your applications in you favorite language, taking benefit of all the functionality that the jewel provides.

Your will find those native informix drivers here:
The open Informix DB drivers:

The JavaScript driver

The Python Driver:

The experimental R driver:

And you will want to install the Informix free Developer Edition:

Or the Docker image:

Stand out of the crowd, have fun, live well and build state of the art applications: develop on Informix!IFMXsig