Wednesday, April 01, 2020
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Informix 4GL is modern

Yes, I know, this looks crazy. Who is nuts enough to publish such a statement?

 Well, the debate is not as simple as it looks. IT marketing is often a steamroller which ignores details that are important for the for the potential buyer, since the only goal is to sell, no matter the final result for the customer.

Just like we have been constantly hearing that the mainframes have disappeared since the 80′s, Informix 4GL is still present and working in numerous companies. Their main issue nowadays is not that their applications do not work, it is that the legacy 4GL has not a proper GUI and interfaces poorly with other subsystems.

These issues are often the reason why many of those companies consider quitting the 4GL technology, despite all the advantages of this language:

  • it is a real structured language,
  • it has a native interface with Informix DBMS
  • Forms and Reports clearly make coding easier and faster
  • It can embed custom C functions
  • the language is clear and easy to read: who understand english understand a 4GL program sourcecode.
  • It works, very well, thank you!

The IT world has run a long distance since the 80′s, and new languages and IDEs offer lots of irreplaceable new features such as GUI, object oriented, web deployment and many more. But where is the real progress here, I mean where is the real added value for YOUR company’s operations and developers ? Do they develop faster and better, is maintenance cheaper, are end users happier?

These real questions lead us to think twice, and probably conclude that the new stuff is mainly cosmetics, crtainly not cheaper to develop and maintain, and are not in depth progress. Thus the possible conclusion: I keep using my legacy 4GL applications because they work!

Now, the good news is that there is an excellent way to step over those limitations and put your 4GL applications back on track in terms of technology advance.

This presentation will give you avenues for reflection about this critical matter, and will help you yo understand there is a solution that you should not ignore.