Tuesday, February 25, 2020
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This survey that is making non-informix users very curious about IBM Informix

It is amazing how ‘non-informix-converted’ people get surprised when they listen to the voice of real life Informix users. We are used to hearing things like: “Oh! I thought Informix died in 2001″, or even “Informix? say again? oh yes! isn’t this a cousin of the Gaulish comics superstars Asterix and Obelix?”

Yes, all this is somewhat comical for us, but when the floor is given to real Informix users to say what they think about the product, non converted people are starting to listen with attention and make interesting questions on social media, as we can notice now since several months.

This is exactly the case of this software evaluation survey specialized website which is showing exciting results about Informix in the DBMS category. As for my personal case, it makes me confident with the fact that we are not mere 50ish dreamers of a past golden age, but just open minded people that can recognize what is excellent and good for our business and for our users or customers.

Please take a few minutes to pay a visit to this URL and see how strongly appreciated Informix by its users. And if you dare take a few minutes more to share your opinion, feel free to check the detailed reviews and complete this quick survey by clicking on ‘Write a survey’