Tuesday, February 25, 2020
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Forums for the Benelux Informix community

Do you think you are left by yourself if you are a member of the IBM Informix users community ?

No, you are not! Informix users has a number of blogs and community sites, each with different objectives. I will not name them all, I will just point to the ones that someone from benelux would be interested in.

The most important one is the www.iiug.org website, which is the communication platform of the Internation Informix User Group.
it has a lot of very interesting contents of all types, and provides a very interesting newsletter.
If you register to iiug.org, you can benefit from a lot of advantages such as accessing member-only contents (yearly conference presentations, private articles etc...), you become a member of IIUG and are empowered to vote for the IIUG Board of Directors, and have special fees for the Yearly Conference.

In addition the the iiug technical forums(Technical Special Interest Groups), LinkedIn has a number of Informix Discussion groups also visited by the best Informix experts on this beautiful planet.

The biggest linkedin group is the official IBM and Informix IIUG group (www.linkedin.com/e/v2?e=3o92m-hzv3zbj2-59&t=gmp&midToken=AQEwyKhBwhVFXg&ek=b2_anet_digest&li=0&m=hero&ts=view_group&gid=25049)

Finally if you feel more at ease with the French language, you can join the 'IBM Informix et Groupe d'utilisateurs francophones' group