Wednesday, April 01, 2020
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IBM Informix 12.10 xC4 released

IBM Informix 12.10.xC4 has been released in June 2014, GA July 2nd 2014

I did a small classification of the new features by category:
- Migration => 3 new features
- Installation => 2 new features
- Admin => 6 new features
- Replication => 3 new features
- Performance => 2 new features
- Application develpmt => 2 new features
- JSON compatibility. => 6 new features
- TimeSeries => 2 new features
- Security => 1 new feature

You will find the complete description of the new features here:

To summarize, this version is phase 3 of the NoSQL/Json/Bson integration into Informix. Full compatibility with MongoDB should be reached by the end of this year. In the meanwhile, you can mix structured SQL tables with unstructured NoSQL collections in the same Informix database , join them in one query if you need to, taking benefit of unbeatable escalation as per compared to open source NoSQL DBMS.