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IBM Informix Dynamic Server available on the Cloud

We had heard rumour a few months ago: this is no more a rumour. 

IBM announced days ago the official launch of Informix 12.10 on the cloud!

If you had concerns with using Informix for staging environments, hosting a temporary system for a time-limited project development, or even test a functionality on production-like environment without having to  purchase tons of hardware and licences, Informix on the Cloud is what you need

Guide-Share France - Groupe Informix event on March 15

Chers adhérents et utilisateurs d‘Informix,

Pour faire suite à notre quatrième numéro d’Informix Magazine, nous avons le plaisir de vous inviter à la réunion de Guide-Share France, Groupe Informix, qui se tiendra le

15 mars 2016 dans le Client Center d’IBM à Bois-Colombes.


L’actualité sur Informix a été dense depuis le dernier événement, et beaucoup de nouveautés ont été mises en services. Nous aurons donc beaucoup de sujets à aborder, parmi lesquels :

        La RoadMap d’Informix
        La place d’Informix dans Internet des Objets ( IoT )
        L’implémentation de NoSQL en standard dans Informix
        Informix et l’analytique en temps réel    ( TimeSeries Analytic Toolkit)
        Informix sur IBM PowerLinux/Power 8
        Querix Lycia 3, un véritable tremplin vers le futur pour vos applications 4GL.

Nous parlerons également de GUIDE-SHARE France, le groupe des utilisateurs Informix en France, et de l’International Informix User Group (IIUG) et de la conférence à venir.


Et pour la première fois en France, nous aurons une session « Ask the Experts » (demandez aux experts ), où vous pourrez poser directement vos questions aux représentants du Lab Informix qui seront présents. Ne ratez pas cette opportunité d’en savoir plus sur notre produit préféré !

Voici donc l'agenda:











Eric Vercelletto




Patrick Infante



IBM France

Alain Szenicer



Roadmap Informix

Shawn Moe




Stuart Litel







Internet of Things / NoSQL

Sandor Szabo



IBM Power8 et Informix

Sandor Szabo







Timeseries Analytics Toolkit

Simon David



Ask the Experts

Dev.  & Support








Mehdi Afshar / Eric Vercelletto






Vous pouvez vous inscrire à cet évènement entièrement gratuit en envoyant un email d’inscription à l’évènement

àThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Le Forum IBM se trouve ici:

A très bientot.

Where are you at with your Informix 4GL application documentation?

My 4GL Doc is messyIf you feel concerned in any way by that question, you should read this article. As a big fan of Informix 4GL language, I have been considering this matter for almost 30 years now, and I think I found the best possible answer.

Do not miss this reflexion about the Application documentation question and how Fourgl App Analyser will have you face this critical question with a totally new angle

Please click here to read this article that could change your way of dealing with that tricky subject.

Informix becomes the national DBMS in China


This piece of news looks incredible, but it is the pure truth: IBM announced today a partnership with the chinese integrator GBASE, consisting in making IBM Informix the one and only DBMS recommanded and requested by the Chinese Government.

This choice has been made possible thanks to the hard work of the IBM Informix team and also thanks to a chinese team that knew how to ignore legends about Informix, and make a ponderate choice based on reliability, robustness, performance, ease and cost of administration, extensibility and technological advance. 

This is a real buzz in the very competitive world of DBMS, and a strong reminder for people who thought that IBM Informix was a dead product since 2001.

Here is the official announcement by IBM Information Management Marketing

"IBM (NYSE: IBM) and General Data Technology Co.,Ltd, known as GBASE announces an agreement today, to create a locally innovated database product for the China marketplace. In support of the China government’s national technology agenda, GBASE will develop and sell this local innovation based on IBM Informix technology.

The agreement extends the reach of IBM’s Informix database technology into this market by providing a localized solution to better address the rapidly evolving needs of Chinese businesses. The agreement permits GBASE to build and license their own version of IBM Informix database, which will be offered to clients in the Chinese market as a stand alone product solution.

The China market for database technology is estimated to be in excess of $700m according to IDC. The partnership between IBM and GBASE can fuel the growth of this market by creating a best in class database solution tailored to the unique requirements of the China marketplace.

“This agreement confirms IBM’s innovation and commitment to growth in emerging markets in general and China specifically”, states Sean Poulley, Vice President, IBM Databases and Database Management. “Our intent is to help partners and clients gain competitive edge and transform their business with innovative database technologies in China, with China, for China”.

Informix is one of the world’s most widely used databases, supporting clients who range from the largest multinational corporations to many regional and local small businesses.  It is widely deployed in the retail, banking, manufacturing and government segments, all of which are important growth areas in China today.

Informix is well known for its innovative design, which enables a single platform that powers both OLTP and OLAP workloads for real-time analytics, scales easily for cloud environments and provides continuous availability.  It’s renowned for extremely high levels of performance and availability, distinctive capabilities in data replication and scalability, and minimal administrative overhead. With this partnership agreement these advantages will be made more readily available to the fast-growing Chinese market."

Internet Of Things: Shaspa launches IAMUS, the new IOT Cloudlet

If the Internet of Things is a matter of interest for you, you may have heard about the Home Connectivity system created by Shaspa and available on the market since more than a year now.

Shaspa solutions make an intensive use of the IBM Informix hybrid DBMS features, which is really in a techniocal leadership position.

Shaspa has just release a new IOT Cloudlet called IAMUS. You want to visit this page to understand what creative companies
can do with the Informix technology

Check here:


IBM Informix 12.10 xC4 released

IBM Informix 12.10.xC4 has been released in June 2014, GA July 2nd 2014

I did a small classification of the new features by category:
- Migration => 3 new features
- Installation => 2 new features
- Admin => 6 new features
- Replication => 3 new features
- Performance => 2 new features
- Application develpmt => 2 new features
- JSON compatibility. => 6 new features
- TimeSeries => 2 new features
- Security => 1 new feature

You will find the complete description of the new features here:

To summarize, this version is phase 3 of the NoSQL/Json/Bson integration into Informix. Full compatibility with MongoDB should be reached by the end of this year. In the meanwhile, you can mix structured SQL tables with unstructured NoSQL collections in the same Informix database , join them in one query if you need to, taking benefit of unbeatable escalation as per compared to open source NoSQL DBMS.


Presentations of the Informix Clubhouse Kickoff Event

All presentations given during the Informix Clubhouse KickOff Event are now available.  You can view and/or download them here.

International Informix User Group: board of Directors election

If you are reading this page, this means that either you have heard about it, or you know the International Informix User Group.

If this group, which now has over 30.000 members, did not exist, it is certain that our favourite DBMS would have ceased existed for a number of years. It is to be noticed that thanks to the power of this User Group, whose  conviviality is one of its remarkable characteristics, IBM has received the message from Informix user companies that they would not, under any condition, accept to quit their favourite DBMS platform.
Nowadays, IBM has effectively integrated Informix into its global Information Management strategy, but this would never have happened without the persuasion power of the IIUG.
IIUG is a non profit association, as almost all the informix local or national User Group across the world. Due to that fact, one of the association’s duties is to proceed to the election of the board of directors.

Register to

IBM Informix 12.10 xC3 released

IBM Informix 12.10 xC3 has been released during this week.

It is much more than a maintenance release. In my opinion, and just to name the main ones, the BUFFERPOOL becomes extendable ONLINE, as well as AUTO TUNABLE if requested.

CPU VPs become AUTO TUNABLE if requested. Handy things with Virtual Memory admin and many new features regarding the MongoDB integration.

Launch of IBM Informix 12.1

This document contains the webcast presentation of the offical launch of IBM Informix 12.1